Chuckle Bin

h. 34" dia. 14.5" capacity 15 gal

Voted Best Kitchen Bin in the Saturday Times!
The Chuckle Bin is a very robust rubbish bin, ideal as a kichen bin or office bin, with a unique invisible liner ring, which holds the bin bag in place so that it is not seen on the outside. Due to the open 'mouth' domed lid there is not the bad bin smells you get when opening pedal and flip-top bins.

Materials and Finishes
Made from multi laminated and lacquered craft paper, with galvanised steel rims top and bottom. The lid is of silver powder coated spun aluminium.

Care and Maintenance
To clean use a soft damp cloth and mild washing up liquid. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scourers, as these could damage the finish. Dry with a soft dry cloth.

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