LapTilt Desk

w. 20" d. 16" h. 22.5"

Developed for Heal’s of London ReDiscovers, the LapTilt is a small laptop desk with a unique hidden taper on the base enabling it to tilt forward. This makes using a laptop so much better when sitting on a sofa.

Steuart Padwick was selected as one of Heal's 'favourite designers' to celebrate their Bicentenary. "I wanted to create a more sculptural and tactile piece of furniture in wood."

To Tilt or not to Tilt…
Due to clever geometry the desk only tilts when you want it to, and naturally reverts to the upright position.

A contemporary piece of furniture for the modern home, LapTilt is a fun yet sculptural piece.
With a solid turned beech base, it offers a simple white lacquered post and top.
Combining forward looking design approach with fine craftsmanship, LapTilt is all about innovation in function, technique and form with softened corners, radiused edges and contrasting finishes.

When not being used as a desk, the LapTilt doubles as a side table, making it an ideal solution for the space conscious.

Materials and Finishes
Made from clear lacquered solid beech with a painted stem and top.

Care and Maintenance
To clean use a soft damp cloth and mild washing up liquid. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scourers, as these could damage the finish. Dry with a soft dry cloth.

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