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Pointe Bed - from $2160

w. 61.8"/73.8"  d. 81.5"  h. 34.5"

Available in Queen and King sizes.

The Pointe Bed features smooth surfaces and clean lines with a horizontal orientation that urges you to kick back and relax in modern style. Its solid oak frame offers hints of retro mod flare in an updated fashion, boasting a dark oiled satin finish with an elegant and timeless quality. Pointe Bed is a versatile piece with a commanding presence that stands well on its own and pairs perfectly with its nightstand (Bedside Table) counterparts.

The Pointe Bed is part of a range which includes 2 chest of drawers, wardrobe, and bedside table.

Materials and Finishes
Solid oak with an oiled finish. Slatted base.

Care and Maintenance
To clean use a soft damp cloth and mild washing up liquid. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scourers, as these could damage the finish. Dry with a soft dry cloth. If necessary polish once a year with a white furniture oil.

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