Evening Standard (Stroller Desk for made.com)

That's a good idea - by Katie Law

Here is how to buy a piece of designer furniture for £300 instead of £1,500. The latest idea comes from a 28 year old entrepreneur selling furniture and lighting at up to 75 per cent of the usual retail prices.
Ning Li (pictured right with backer Brent Hoberman) has created made.com, a website where customers can vote on a piece of homeware in the advance of its production. The most voted for designs will go into production and will get made in Chinese factories working to high level design briefs, with low overheads keeping costs down.
As well as persuading established makers such as Steuart Padwick to sell a version of his Stroller desk for £300 instead of £1,500, Ning Lia and his team scout shows for young product designers and off them a chance [to] put their designs into production.

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