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Number-One Fan
The Air Chair by; Jasper Morrison for Magis
Fan; Steuart Padwick

'I was at the Royal College of Art with Jasper Morrison in the early 80s, studying furniture design. It was clear from his furniture and also his photos (we both took an additional course in photography) that he had an amazing eye. Since then, I have observed his career and his deserved success. Jasper continues to inspire, finding a new line, a new observation. His work is always understated. Nothing shouts at you. There is a deceptive simplicity throughout.
'While I could have picked any number of his designs, I have chosen the Air Chair. Made from air-moulded polypropylene with added glass fibre, there is nothing superfluous to it. It can be used inside and outside, it stacks and it links. It has an elegant form with a simple detail - the handle acts as a drain for any gathered water. It has minimal structure and minimum materials. It does what id does and it does it perfectly.
'Jasper's essay and subsequent book, Super Normal, is inspirational. It sums up his work and the elusive beauty of something that at first glance seems ordinary but, like a siren, beckons a second and third look, seducing you with its pleasure. If I could achieve that with my work, I would feel I had done well'.

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