Sunday Times Style Magazine - Fonteyn Dressing Table

by Pip McCormac and Harriet Stewart

You'll have had the Union Jack-emblazoned memo by now - this year, we're all meant to be proudly patriotic. But it's not only because the world's top athletes are descending, or because our monarch has held onto her throne for the lion's share of a century - it's because we are enjoying an interiors renaissance, and home-grown design talent is stronger than ever. The V&A has a new exhibition at the end of the month, British Design: Innovation in the Modern Age, celebrating big hitters such as Tom Dixon and Robin Day, and smaller names are attracting attention, too. Steuart Padwick's desks and dressers, such as this Fonteyn table (£349;, are cleverly considered, Katrin Moye is reviving the Albion art of ceramics with her whimsical bowls (£155;, and the new Conran Shop collection, including this jug (£35), features more pieces made here than ever before. This highlights what we do well - understated, functionally beautiful design - and puts the Great back into Britain.

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